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FONG Crystal Lip
As we get older, the natural skin pigments fade, this can draw colour out of the face.  
FONG revolutionary technique creates fuller and more sensual lips. As well as boosting the lip area, this treatment can correct any shape, unevenly tone or symmetry concerns.

FONG Crystal Lip treatment uses specialist applicators with multiple acupuncture needles which are extremely thin and flexible. This reduces the damage to the skin and when combined with our revolutionary technique to ensure that any swelling is kept to the absolute minimum, this revolutionary technique allows us to create the most even lip brush and beautiful lip contour that you always dreamt of.

Crystal Lip: From £580
Crystal Lip colour correction: From £680

Free consultaion and Patch test available for all clients. Price base on consultaion.
All prices include after care products and a free 2nd application between 1 and 3 months of initial procedure if necessary.
Half price on top-up within 18months. 

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